Contact Lenses

Today’s contact lenses provide excellent visual acuity and comfort all day long. The doctors at IEC are committed to providing an excellent contact lens experience. They know how to fit patients with the most suitable lenses, regardless of whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, need help reading small type, or have  astigmatism. We also provide low prices and convenient options for ordering the lens brands you prefer.

Because contact lenses are medical devices in direct contact with your eyes, your contact lens fittings at IEC will include:

  • Comprehensive eye exam that includes both a medical eye exam and vision evaluation
  • Complete analysis of contact lens prescription requirements
  • Evaluation of previous contact lens history, lens type, wearing schedules
  • Assessment of your eye’s particular requirements
  • Diagnostic evaluation and trial of various contact lens types

For current contact lens wearers, the contact lens fit is evaluated to insure the eyes and contact lenses are compatible. Changes to the fit and power of the contact lenses will be prescribed as necessary to promote continued eye health and best vision.

Your contact lens prescription is valid for a total of one year from the exam date.

For new contact lens wearers, the following are normal symptoms that you may experience as you begin to wear contact lenses: burning, itching, tearing, dry eyes, blurry vision. Lubricating drops may help with these symptoms.

If your contact lenses are at all uncomfortable, remove them. Rinse the lenses. Check to be sure that your contacts are inverted correctly and then re-insert.

Contact lens cases can be a source of bacteria growth. Remember to wash your empty case every time your lenses are disinfected.   It is advisable to replace your case on a regular basis, preferably every three to six months.

Keep your scheduled appointments. Remember, these are medical devices. If you experience blurred vision, discomfort or redness, remove your lenses and call our office. Wearing contacts requires ongoing care; caution in use and handling contacts should be observed at all times.

At IEC, we want your contact lenses to help you see well and to be safe, comfortable and convenient.


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