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The Fulton Street Fair and Parade has been a tradition for IEC since our office opened in 2010.

As President of the Fulton Kiwanis, Dr. Kate Osborn spent Friday night and Saturday at the Kiwanis food tent as the group raised money for scholarships and projects to help kids in the community.

She joined her IEC crew – Jennifer, Jeff, Sara and family members and friends. All had fun greeting the crowds and handing out cleaning cloths and CANDY!

The Fulton Street Fair is a stand-out festival that shows community pride and spirit from the crowds, vendors and volunteers.

Our communities host some of the best celebrations! Here’s just a few Fairs, Festivals and Parades on our IEC calendar. We hope to see you there!

  • Lee County Fair Iowa
  • Pike County Pig Days-Pittsfield
  • Brown County Fair-Mt Sterling
  • Mexico Jaycees Soybean Festival
  • Scotland Co Antique Fair-Memphis, MO
  • Fort Madison’s Tri-State Rodeo
  • Pancake Day-Centerville, IA


National Sunglass Day – June 27, 2018

The Vision Council established this annual date to commemorate the importance of sunglasses. Every day is a sunglass day for IEC. We consider them as an eye-health necessity! We want sun-safety AND fashion to go together, so stop in our office and check out our
50% off Sunglass Sale.

We’ll keep an eye out for you!